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BHM Peaky Blinders Escape Rooms

Peaky Blinders at Birmingham

In the OFFICIAL Peaky Blinders Double Cross Live Escape Game, London crime boss Alfie Solomons has summoned Tommy Shelby to an unexpected meeting at his ‘Bakery’ in the Camden Docks. Suspicious of Alfie’s intentions, The Peaky Blinders have sent you ahead to scope out the situation. Your task is to find a way to infiltrate Alfie’s gang, find out what he wants with Tommy Shelby and who else might be involved.



In the OFFICIAL Peaky Blinders The Raid Live Escape Game, Tommy, Arthur, Polly and John are attending business matters in London leaving the bookies vulnerable. Major Campbell has caught wind of this and is planning to raid the bookies. As new members of the Peaky Blinders, Tommy has instructed you to find anything which incriminates the Shelby family and destroy it before Campbell’s men arrive.






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