Five great reasons…to get yourself locked up with Escape Live Essex this winter!

Have you always had a sneaking suspicion that your powers of perception could get you out of just about any situation? Well then, how about putting your theory to the test this winter, locked up with some of your favourite people (or even your work colleagues!)?

Ideally positioned in the centre of thriving Southend High Street, Escape Live Essex is home to two completely different, irresistibly-themed escape rooms that will test your grey matter and get your adrenaline pumping. Step back in time to solve a crime in Dr. Wilson’s Office, or help free a kidnapped hospital patient in creepy Room 13 – the choice is yours!

You’ll work in a team (this is where your favourite people come in) of between two and six people, up against a ticking clock and a locked door. Working together, you’ll discover cunning clues and solve plenty of puzzles to try and escape your chosen room in under an hour!

If you’ve never tried an escape room before – or even if you have – it’s likely you’ll have a few questions, so read on for five fantastic reasons to get yourselves locked up this winter.

It’s a versatile, fun and challenging experience
You can get locked up with just about anybody you like! Family, friends, work colleagues (solving puzzles is a fantastic icebreaker) – all you need to do is gather together a willing group of two to six people. Then get ready to bond and have plenty of fun as you work those brain cells.

An hour spent at Escape Live Essex guarantees plenty of animated conversations later on, as you dissect your strategy and plan your next visit!

Everybody’s got a role to play
As long as your group meets the minimum age limit for your chosen room, then no matter how old or how young you are, everybody will be kept busy. You’ll have no choice, really – there are so many clues and puzzles to get stuck into! This makes Escape Live Essex the perfect choice for families looking for something interesting to occupy their time over the holidays.

Be part of a thrilling story
Computer gaming and watching films are great activities, but nothing beats the thrill of being part of a real-time, live action story in which the outcome rests on you. No matter which escape room you choose, you and your group are always at the centre of the action. It’s a fantastic break from dull everyday life!

No nasty surprises…your success lies in your own mental agility
There are no actors waiting to jump out at you in your Escape Live Essex room, and no shocks lying in wait. You’re simply pitting your wits and mental agility against the clock – quite enough of a challenge!

(If you’re worried about feeling claustrophobic, rest assured that you probably won’t have time, as you’ll have so much to focus on!)

Escaping brings a sense of real accomplishment
If you’re a gaming enthusiast, or even if you just like cracking the odd crossword every now and again, then you’ll know that amazing sense of achievement when you finish. Escaping a locked room magnifies that feeling, getting your adrenaline going and leaving you on a real high for the rest of the day.

What happens if you don’t escape? You can always come back and try again another time, or try a different room instead!

Have we convinced you to give Escape Live Essex a go this winter? Why not read our fantastic TripAdvisor reviews to see what others have said about the experience – and if you have any questions, get in touch.