When Worlds Collide: Henry VIII and Queen Victoria visit the Peaky Blinders!

Last week our team in Birmingham opened the doors to a very puzzling-looking pair of guests. King Henry VIII and Queen Victoria, actually.


The two came from the Birmingham Stage Company in anticipation of our long-awaited Horrible Histories escape room opening at our Liverpool venue!


They seemed to have gotten lost on their way up North, so we let them sit down with a wonderfully British cup of tea while they socialised. According to our game masters, Henry began discussing his rather complicated marital history, so our team swiftly moved them onto their first escape room to halt Victoria’s quivering lip.


Here are some photos to commemorate the historic occasion:



Pictured: King Henry VIII practicing his ‘You’re Fired!’ pose in his new favourite green armchair.



Pictured: Queen Victoria telling a cold caller that she is NOT amused.



Pictured: King Henry discovered that magnifying glasses do indeed magnify your surroundings.



Pictured: We asked Queen Victoria and King Henry to choose their weapon of choice.



Pictured: Queen Victoria showing an uninterested King Henry each country whose language she can speak.



Pictured: Henry thought it would be funny to lock Victoria up, but she quickly grew impatient and demanded change to our health and safety policy.


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