The Shakespeare Code Escape Room Coming Soon!

There is no escaping William Shakespeare when you visit Stratford-upon-Avon –

but that’s the whole point of a new experience in the town that is set to be unveiled this summer.

Shakespeare’s Code will be the second escape experience at the town’s Escape Live venue which opened in March and is based on the life and times of Stratford’s world-famous playwright.

Escape Live launched with its magic-themed Chalice of Champions and has seen thousands of players take on the challenge of trying to solve clues and riddles to escape the room within an hour.

The team behind Escape Live have been working with Hazel Stenner, an expert in Shakespeare, to ensure the new experience remains true to the history of the period.

It means it will not only provide another exciting one-hour challenge to players, it will also offer an educational twist.

Hazel said: “It happened by chance. I know someone who knows the team behind Escape Live and they said they were looking create a Shakespearian experience and we were put in contact.

“I’ve always loved Shakespeare – I’ve completed a Masters Degree at the Shakespeare Institute at the University of Birmingham and then worked at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

“I’m originally from Bristol but I moved to the town and lived there for two to three years just to be in the home of Shakespeare and I loved it. My favourite play is Antony and Cleopatra.

“My role in Shakespeare’s Code was to try to make it as accurate as possible – it’s all about having fun, of course, but the team at Escape Live were keen for it to be educational too.

“So there are few bits of history within the game and we’ve made sure the room itself reflects a building from Shakespeare’s time. There has been a bit of artistic licence but then Shakespeare never shied away from that himself!

“It’s been great to work on it and it gives local people and tourists something fresh and new to try while still being in-keeping with the town’s history.”

Escape Live in Stratford is the company’s third venue in the region, following Coventry and Birmingham, and the operators are delighted with the start the venue has made.

John Dalziel, a co-founder of the business, said: “We can’t wait to launch Shakespeare’s Code and it’s been fantastic to work with Hazel who has extensive knowledge of him.

“Chalice of Champions has been a phenomenal success in the first few weeks since opening – we were full over Easter and there have only been a handful of slots available for a few weeks.

“We are already second on the fun things to do list for Stratford according to TripAdvisor, which is incredible considering we’ve only been here for such a short space of time.

“Shakespeare’s Code is going to be quite a different game but we have absolutely no doubt that local people, escape room lovers and tourists from all over the world are going to love it.”

The Shakespeare Code escape room expense will open in June 2018. For further information or to be the first to play visit