‘UNLEASH’ an escape game for dogs

A leading escape experience company has come up with a barking new concept – ‘UNLEASH’ an escape game for dogs.

Bosses at Escape Live, which has venues in Coventry, Birmingham, Stratford-upon-Avon and Southend-on-Sea, will be letting the dogs in, in order for them to try to get themselves out within an hour.

The company has been catering for human escape experience thrill-seekers for more than three years but, after being collared by dog-owners wanting their beloved pets to enjoy the fun of Escape Live, they are launching the first ever game catering for canines.

The firm believes it will lead to a major new area of business for Escape Live, which has shown no signs of tailing off since its first venue opened in Birmingham in 2015.

Alex Sandham, Head of Marketing at Escape Live, said: “This is fur real. We have dog owners telling us all the time that their pooches are very intelligent and they think it’s a bit woof that we don’t have any doggy based experiences.”

“This new game is designed to be a challenge and will separate the Lassies from the Well Ards and the Snoopys from the Santa’s Little Helpers.”

“We are confident the brightest dogs will be able to sniff out the clues that help them to escape because we know we will be hounded out of the industry if none of them can solve it.”

“We have been thinking about this for a while but we had to put the idea on paws while we opened so many new experiences for people.”