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Moriarty the Last Stand
Moriarty the Last Stand

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The infamous Professor James Moriarty has finally been detained by none other than Detective Sherlock Holmes.
Whilst Moriarty was being detained, the only evidence linking him to his crimes – his revolver – disappeared.
Sherlock believes the gun to be hidden in Moriarty’s office.

In no less than 60-minutes Moriarty will be released. it is your mission to unearth the revolver, before it is too late.

Elementary? I think not.

Moriarty The Last Stand is a 60 minute Live Escape Room for 2-6 players (from the same or different locations) that is played using zoom video call. You will be controlling a live Games Master in the Escape Room.

Rogue Agent
Rogue Agent


Whilst saving the world from all manner of terrorists and threats, a Rogue MI5 Agent has been growing his private art collection and not entirely legitimately.

After getting access to the Government's secret online portal, your job is to identify the agent, collect the evidence which proves his guilt and locate him.

Rogue Agent is online game which can be played online in your own time.

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