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Disclosure – We were invited along to Escape Live to try out the Dr Watson’s Escape Room. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

We absolutely love Escape Rooms. It’s one of our favourite things to do on ‘date night’. We enjoy visiting a venue to do a real-life Escape Room or we have completed quite a few Escape Rooms at home too. Now little J is at an age where he can join in we have completed quite a few together as a family too. We are lucky to have quite a few Escape Rooms in Liverpool to choose from and so far out of all the escape rooms we have done we have a 100% escape record. This week we tried a new venue  Escape Live

Escape Live Liverpool, Liverpool ONE, 3 College Ln, off Paradise St, Liverpool L1 3DS

Escape Live Liverpool offers 6 Escape Rooms all with a different theme and genre. Each room has been allocated a difficulty level starting at 3* up to 5* out of 5. Each room is suitable for between 2-6 players giving you the opportunity to work as a couple or a team. 

Depending on what you are looking for you can choose from the following

Peaky Blinders Double Cross – Minimum age 18+ with a difficulty rating of 3*

Peaky Blinders The Raid – Minimum age 16+ with a difficulty rating of 4*

Jack The Ripper – Minimum age 11+ with a difficulty rating of 5*

Dr Watson’s Office –  Minimum age 8+ with a difficulty rating of 5*

Prison Break – Minimum age 8+ with a difficulty rating of 4*

Horrible Histories Mystery Museum – Minimum age 7+ with a difficulty rating of 4*

As you can see the rooms have a minimum age starting at 7+ up to 18+. 

Escape Live rooms vary in price depending on how many players. 

2 Person = £55 (£27.50pp)

3 Person = £70 (£23.30pp)

4 Person = £88 (£22.00pp)

5 Person = £100 (£20.00pp)

6 Person = £115 (£19.20pp)

You can book a room starting at 9:30am to 9:30pm.  If you would like to book you can head to their website and also check out the other locations in Birmingham, Chelmsford, Coventry, Southend and Stratford Upon Avon.

boy on a beanbag

terrace area at escape live

The Venue

Escape Live Liverpool is one of the nicest Escape Room venues we have visited. As well as a bar area there is also an outdoor terrace. As John and I usually do Escape Rooms for a date night, the venue would be perfect to extend our visit by having a drink before, after or both. 

The bar was fully stocked and also Escape Live had their own lager on tap which John said was very nice. There is also a selection of chocolate bars and crisps available if you fancy a snack. 

bar area at escape live

Checking In

When you arrive you are told to make your way to the 2nd floor (bar area). There is a lift straight ahead and stairs. Again Escape Live Liverpool was the best venue we have seen for accessibility as you do not need to use the stairs at all. The lift takes you to the Escape Rooms too. 

Once we arrived at the bar area we gave our name and the room we were completing. We were told our game host’s name and shortly after she came and introduced herself and told us our room was just being reset and she would be with us shortly. 

A few minutes before our room was ready our game host asked if she could put any of our bags in the lockers provided and asked if we needed to use the toilet before we headed to the room. 

You can take a mobile phone into the room with you but only for light and not to take photos or videos. 

If you have bought a drink, it can also go in the room with you too. 

dr watsons office

Dr Watson’s Office

Once we arrived at the room we were given a brief of what has happened and what the storyline was. 

Dr Watson is a master detective who has solved many crimes in his distinguished career, but this case could prove to be deadly for him. One of the suspects he is investigating is threatening his life. Dr Watson is now relying on you and your team to unveil the identity of the right suspect. He’s left clues around his office and it’s up to you to find them, solve the mystery and escape.

Our game host told us she would be watching and listening and if we needed help all we needed to do was ask. We then had 60 minutes to escape. 

Dr Watson’s Office has a difficulty rating of 5 out of 5 so before we went inside we had a plan that we would all work together so we didn’t become overwhelmed with too many clues. The room is suitable for those aged 8+ so with little J being 10 we were confident he would be a help. 

Without giving away any spoilers the room is made up of puzzles to solve, clues to find and a variety of locks. There are number combination locks, directional locks and a lock that you will need to spell out a word. 

Throughout the experience, our game host asked us if we needed help especially if we were close to solving a clue but needed a little help. We could accept or decline the help. In one of the puzzles, little J had told us the combination of 4 numbers however we thought it was wrong. Then we heard our game host saying we should listen to him. He was so happy and it was nice to know she had been listening to him. 

Boy and a horrible histories photo

Our Thoughts

I would definitely say Escape Live Liverpool is our favourite venue. Like I said earlier having a bar and terrace just adds to the experience and we would definitely choose it for our date nights. The room was very similar to what we have experienced before however I like that these are themed such as Prison Break, Peaky Blinders and Horrible Histories. 

I cannot fault our game host, she was so engaged with us all and little J really liked her. She was chatty and made us feel very welcome. 

kids go free posted for escape live

This Summer until 11th September kids go free at Escape Live with 2 paying adults. All you need to do is visit Escape Live and enter Summer23 at checkout. 

boy holding a we escape sign

So all you need to know now is did we escape? We did… with ten minutes to spare! Our 100% escape record is still intact.


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