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Escape Rooms Gift Vouchers Bought in December Never Expire

A lot of us are still searching for last-minute Christmas presents for the Escape Rooms fans in our life. Luckily, Escape Live has the answer: a Gift Voucher to the UK’s top Escape Rooms that doesn’t expire until you use it.

Escape Live Gift Vouchers are available in each of our 6 Escape Room locations across the country, including Birmingham, Coventry, Stratford-upon-Avon, Liverpool, Southend-on-Sea and Chelmsford.

Whoever holds a Gift Voucher can redeem it at the location it was purchased for, and choose which Escape Room they want to play. But this year, Escape Live’s Gift Vouchers are different, because if they are bought in December, then they have no expiry date.

That’s right, this year an Escape Room is for life, not just for Christmas.

Now, most people will use their voucher to book their Escape Room as soon as possible, and since we are open every single day except Christmas Day, a lot of you could be booking your adventure as soon as Boxing Day!

But if you want to take your time, and get your plans for 2023 in order, then you can! Use your voucher to book an Escape Room for your birthday, an anniversary or even next Christmas! You could book for 2024 or beyond too, it’s entirely up to you.

Peaky Blinders Escape Room Gift Voucher

Our Peaky Blinders Escape Rooms have their own unique Gift Vouchers, so make sure you buy the right one at checkout! 

These Gift Vouchers are exclusively available in Liverpool and Birmingham, letting you choose between 2 and 6 people to visit with 1 Voucher.

Once bought, you’ll have all the time in the world to book the Official Peaky Blinders Escape Rooms, based on the hit BBC TV Series and featuring characters and locations from the show (yes, including the Shelbys).

Gift Voucher or Gift Card

Be aware of the difference between our Gift Vouchers and our Gift Cards. Our Gift Vouchers are used for a set group of people, for example a 5-person booking. Our Gift Cards are a set amount of money that can be used on any escape room or group size!

For example, a 2-person Gift Voucher can be used to visit one of our Escape Rooms with 2 people in the group.

A £150 Gift Card can be used for any Escape Room, and any group size! For example, you could book a 2-person Escape Room for one day, a 3-person Escape Room for the week after, and still have money left over to go towards the next Escape Room you do with us.

And since they don’t expire, you can keep hold of your Voucher or Gift Card for a date night, celebration or those days where you have no plans.

How do I buy an Escape Room Gift Voucher with no expiry?

Head to the Escape Live Gift Voucher page, choose your location and then choose what kind of Gift Voucher or Gift Card you wish to purchase; it’s that easy.

But remember, only Gift Vouchers bought in December 2022 will have no expiry. If you miss this date, then the normal terms and conditions will apply.

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