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Escape Rooms on Valentines Day?

Coming up with new date night ideas or fun nights out with your partner can be difficult at times, especially around Valentines Day. You want something that both you and your partner can enjoy, that will be memorable and will be unique to all other Valentines days. 


What is an escape room?


Usually for bigger groups, escape rooms are an experience for everyone to enjoy. Solve a series of puzzles, riddles and clues to escape the room within the hour. While yes, these are for bigger groups, there is nothing stopping a couple from taking up the challenge of an escape room! 

Why choose an Escape Room?

Escape rooms can be the perfect date night idea because they offer a unique experience while also helping to strengthen your relationship.There is nothing that brings people together like overcoming a challenge. Luckily, escape rooms offer you and your date the opportunity to work through a puzzle together almost immediately. Not only can you both leave the experience with a sense of accomplishment (and hopefully plans for another date!), but you can also better understand how you work together and choose to communicate. 

Escape rooms are a great option for everyone from first dates to those who have been married for 20 years (or more!). For First dates, escape rooms allow you to get to know one another while doing an activity that doesn’t leave much time for awkward silences or nervousness. For veteran couples, escape rooms can offer a different experience, one you may never have done before, allowing you to keep learning about each other in new ways. 


Why Escape Live?

Escape Live has been listed as one of the #1 thing to do in the country! Our games are immersive and unique, with some hiding a few extra secrets… 

Our Birmingham and Liverpool venues are home to some beautiful spaces, such as our 1920’s themed Speakeasy bar in Birmingham, or our Rooftop Terrace Bar, overlooking the views of Liverpool.


We have put together the perfect list of Escape Room Dates with Escape Live

Best First Date: Time Machine 

Time travel has always been a challenge but Jamie Sherman has successfully invented the world’s first ever time machine! BUT there’s a problem! Whilst traveling through time Jamie has uncovered a glitch and now needs your help. You and your team must take his prototype, follow in his footsteps and get him back to the present day before he’s lost forever.


You and your date can enjoy a little nostalgia with every part of this escape room. Connect on a whole different level with things you may have never thought to talk about on a first date!

Best Date Night Challenge: Chalice of Champions

Calling all witches and wizards, an ancient relic has been found… It is bound by an evil curse and we need your help to break it. Join us in a realm of magic and monsters; do you have what it takes to solve its mysteries and escape alive? Chalice of Champions is Stratford’s challenging Magic Escape Room. Inspired by modern fantasy such as Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, this is a room which will amaze you with its surprises. You have 60 minutes, good luck!


Challenge yourselves! Chalice of Champions is one of Escape Lives hardest rooms, you will need to work together as a team to break the curse.

Best Group Date: Armageddon 

An asteroid is hurtling towards Earth. Scientists calculate it will hit Coventry and obliterate everything within a 3000-mile radius. Political and military leaders have a plan to avoid global disaster – launch a missile to destroy the asteroid. Unfortunately, an electromagnetic field surrounding the asteroid has rendered modern digital missile systems useless. The only hope is to break into the abandoned bunker, get the facility up and running and launch the analogue rocket in time!


This game requires teamwork and communication, the perfect chance to bond couples together not only in their relationships, but also in friendships. 

Best Outside-the-box Date: Casino Heist

World-renowned casino thief Danny has drafted you and your team to complete a heist of the Grand Casino, Las Vegas. Taking advantage of a 60 minute CCTV outage, you need to break into the casino vault & escape with as much money as you can! Only the teams escaping with the most money will earn a place on Danny’s greatest thieves list. There’s 60 minutes on the clock, $500,000 dollars for the taking. Have you got what it takes?


This is one of the only escape rooms in the UK where not only do you need to escape, but you also need to grab the cash! A unique game and always memorable. 

Best Date Night-in Escape Room: Escape The Jungle

In an abandoned attic, you discover a mysterious game. You take a look, roll the dice and before you know it, strange sounds and mysterious animals appear and you find yourself in an unimaginable Jungle world. Remember the first rule of the game. Complete it to escape or be trapped for all eternity.


This is the perfect game for those who prefer to stay in rather than go out, but it will still bring an air of adventure into your date night-in. 

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