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Outdoor Game: The Hunt for Watson

Experience the thrill of escape games and the excitement of treasure hunting through this incredible outdoor game.

Using our interactive digital map and on hand games master, unravel enigmatic clues, conquer intricate puzzles, and triumph over captivating challenges as you explore new worlds in an effort to help Sherlock Holmes on his latest quest.


Dr. Watson’s days of assisting the world’s greatest detective are coming to a close as he seeks to settle down with his wife Mary.
As such, Sherlock is on the hunt for a new chaperone and has devised a test of true wit and ingenuity inspired by his most famous cases to find a suitable successor.

However, this will be no mean feat. So, prepare yourself to journey across the city, tackling a series of perplexing puzzles, curious challenges, exciting enigmas.

Think you have what it takes?

Think you have what it takes?

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Game Genre

Detective Outdoor

Number of Players

Minimum Age

8 +

Game Difficulty


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