We have taken our award-winning physical Escape Rooms from around the country and made them available to play online.

You and your team take full control of our games master who will be in one of our physical rooms. They are your eyes, ears, hands and feet and you must follow the clues, complete the puzzles to escape the room.

You can see more info on the games here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTla4R3pyCY&t=1s

Rogue Agent and Sherlock are interactive online games that you can play alone, with those at home or friends, family and work colleagues around the world.

Once purchased you will be sent a link to access and start your game. To play with others from multiple locations you would use a video calling app like zoom. The main player shares their screen taking help and advice from the rest of the team to complete the game.

While you play our Escape Games in your own time, we recommend no more than 6 players.

All of our Live Video Escape Rooms are suitable for up to 10 players.

Both of these are referring to actual people, not to devices.

If you wanted to play with more we would recommend booking two rooms to play at the same time. As these are live, you will not be able to play the exact same room but you can play two rooms of a similar difficulty level.

Contact us HERE and we’ll arrange this for you.

1) Sometimes work laptops and computers block unknown websites. To fix this simply use a personal device. Note all our websites have an SSL Certificates and are secure.

2) if you have too many tabs and applications open on your computer your game may run slowly. To fix this you will need to close some of the other tabs and applications so the game is the only thing running.

3) If your game is running slow you may want to switch browser. Our games perform best on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or safari. Make sure you have the latest versions of these browsers. The game will not work on Internet Explorer.

4) Our game keeps crashing. This may be because you are connecting multiple players to the single-player version of the game. Rogue Agent is the only game which currently offers multiple connections to the same game priced at £25. All other games are single-screen games and if you wish to play with others on Zoom or another platform, please share your screen.

Live Video Escape Rooms must be booked as they involve a live games master in one of our physical escape rooms and we arrange your zoom call.

“Buy Now, Play Anytime” escape games can be bought and played as and when you like.

We have games suitable for children aged 8+ but we recommend at least one adult 16+ joins the game too.

Our Play Anytime Escape Games take around 60-90 minutes on average. However, there is no time limit to complete your game.

Live Video Escape Rooms – You have 60 minutes to complete the room.

You can play on one or multiple devices, as long as everyone can see what is happening.

Live Video Escape Rooms can be played using laptops / desktop computers or a phone / tablet using the Zoom app (Available as a free download) As long as you can see what is happening clearly you can use any device you wish.

Escape Games – We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer especially the person hosting the game.

To do this we would recommend booking multiple escape rooms or games to play at the same time.