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Located in central England, Coventry is famed for its medieval Coventry Cathedral and is the 9th largest city in the UK. If you’re planning to visit Coventry with friends or family, but need some inspiration as to where to go and what to do, look no further! Below are our ten top attractions to visit that will inform, entertain, and make your trip to Coventry one to remember.

Here are our top 10 things to do in Coventry…


1- Escape Live

Get your brain into gear and challenge yourself, your friends or your family at Escape Live. How couldn’t our very own escape game not make our list of the best places to visit in Coventry? Escape rooms are an exciting activity that has become increasingly popular in recent years and are a great way to challenge your brain with a series of puzzles.

Here at Escape Live, we’re Coventry’s leading escape room. When visiting us, you’ll be locked in a room and have to race against the clock. But don’t worry, you’re not actually ‘locked in’, you’re free to leave at any time. In this fun, interactive game, team-building skills and communication are essential as you have to think on your feet and work together to break out within the hour! We offer a range of escape rooms that vary in difficulty, so if you’re relatively new to the game, don’t worry. There’s an escape room to suit everyone.

On your visit to Coventry, this is an ideal way to get your heart racing and your thinking cap on!

Interested? Check out our tips for getting out of an escape room.


2- Coventry Music Museum

The perfect pastime for those who love their music, the Coventry Music Museum offers an insight into music from Coventry and Warwickshire, including information about when John Lennon visited Coventry.

As an independent museum, it offers interactive exhibits, so it is ideal for the whole family to get involved and brush up on their local music knowledge.

With a particular focus on 2 Tone Records, a record label that is known for the likes of Madness and The Specials, this is definitely an attraction to add to the list of any music lover’s list.


3- Midland Air Museum

The sky is the limit in terms of what you can discover at the Air Museum.

Offering exhibits of multiple aircraft and engines, there is lots to see and explore, and all ages will enjoy their time here. With displays offering insight into the history of the Jet, open cockpit displays and exhibits on WWII aircraft, it is ideal for lovers of history and aircraft and is a must-see attraction if you are in the area.

There are various events throughout the year, such as Model Fairs and Shows, and Aviation Art Exhibitions, so look into when may be best to visit to make the most of the trip.


4- Coventry Cathedral

An ideal attraction for the history buff, Coventry is renowned for the cathedral that was bombed in WWII.

Comprising of three cathedrals, two of which remain in a ruined state, it is extremely popular with visitors worldwide and offers a piece of real history within the city.

With various modern visual additions, the cathedral has been restored to provide insight, intrigue, and aesthetics to all visitors of this historic landmark.

Fun fact: The cathedral has a small history of ghost-sightings. Historically both the spirits of a monk and a ‘Grey Lady’ are claimed to have been seen (Coventry Cathedral source: https://www.discoverwalks.com/blog/london/top-10-remarkable-facts-about-the-coventry-cathedral/)

Coventry cathedral


5- Lunt Roman Fort

Perfect for anyone with a love for history but also offering real insight into historical Britain, the Lunt Roman Fort is an archaeological site of a Roman fort. It is an ideal attraction for youngsters learning about Ancient Rome, as well as a cultural experience for others.

Due to archaeological evidence on site, Lunt Roman Fort offers a real-life look into how the Romans would have lived many centuries ago.

It is not only for history buffs, as Lunt Roman Fort is an ideal family day out and is also a popular tourist attraction for those from further afield.

Look into summer activities such as creative sessions where you can make your own Gladiator arm guards and helmets! This attraction can be incorporated into a visit for hands-on historical fun for the whole family.


6- Coventry Transport Museum

If you have an interest in Britain’s proud transport history, then look no further than the Coventry Transport Museum. This place is home to the world’s largest collection of publicly-owned British road vehicles, including classic cars, motorbikes and bicycles.

The museum is designed as a walk through the last 200 years of British transport, so as you travel through the ages, you can explore the exceptional and classically-designed vehicle models of the time.

Not only is the museum itself great, but the location also holds an award-winning coffee shop, picnic areas throughout, and a gift shop. If you want history, motors and British pride, we’d recommend popping down to the Coventry Transport Museum.

Fun fact: The museum houses around 120 motorcycles, 300 bicycles, 250 cars and commercial vehicles, and also over a million archive items (Coventry Transport Museum source: https://exploremidlands.co.uk/2014/08/interesting-facts-about-the-coventry-transport-museum/)

Old classic car


7- Coombe Abbey Park

Enjoy a peaceful walk or a pleasant family picnic in this stunning 500-acre woodland.

The park includes beautiful gardens, lakeside walks, and a variety of flowers and bird life.

Its woodland walks offer a day of exploration and a sense of adventure for everyone involved and will give you opportunities to stop and feed the ducks and swans on the way.

The park also includes the historical Old Deer Park – an old section of the park landscaped during the 18th century, offering stunning views over the abbey.

Coombe Abbey also offers a cafe and restaurant where you can stop for a drink or a bite to eat while you’re there.


8- St. Mary’s Guildhall

Experience a hidden gem in Coventry’s history by visiting St. Mary’s Guildhall. With 700 years of history, the guildhall served as the headquarters of St Mary, the united Guilds of the Holy Trinity, St John the Baptist and St Katherine.

It was also reportedly one of the locations where Mary Queen of Scots was held during the Rising of the North catholic rebellion.

Learn the stories of one of Coventry’s most historic buildings, only a short walk from the Coventry Cathedral.


9- Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

Learn more about Coventry’s culture and history at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum. This impressive museum holds sculptures, paintings, local historical pieces, and the famous Dippy the Diplodocus dinosaur.

The museum displays natural history, and both modern artworks and those from the Old Masters. The gallery’s most notable art pieces include Lady Godiva by John Collier, and a costume collection dating back to the 1800s.

The museum also holds stone age ceramics, as well as pieces from the roman empire, and medieval pottery.

For a fascinating (and free of charge) couple of hours, having a snoop around the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum can be a great way to pass the time, while also being one of the fun things to do in Coventry with kids.


10- War Memorial Park

Opened in the early 1920s as a tribute to Coventry’s fallen soldiers of the first world war, Coventry’s War Memorial Park holds a special place in the city’s heart.

Standing at just under 50 acres, the park holds large open green areas to stroll, as well as football pitches, tennis courts, bowling greens and a skate park.

Its most notable feature is the park’s 90ft historical monument honouring Coventry’s war fallen – which contains the Chamber of Silence and its ‘Roll of the Fallen’ – a plaque listing all Coventry’s fallen soldiers during the first world war.

The park’s also no stranger to events, including festivals such as the Caribbean Festival and the Godiva Festival. Enjoy leisure and relaxation with a visit to Coventry’s War Memorial Park.

Fun fact: During the second world war, anti-aircraft guns and barrage balloons were placed in the park, and the concrete blocks where they were positioned still exist in the Coat of Arms bridge area of the park (War Memorial Park source: https://www.coventry.gov.uk/war-memorial-park/history-war-memorial-park)

Park trees from below



With the above ideas in mind, know that Coventry is a place that really offers its share of cultural appeal, history and great experiences.

If its historical attractions aren’t what you’re looking for, then you have your choice of parks, theatres, museums and fun experiences, sure to keep you entertained during your time here.

Apart from the major must-see attractions, Coventry also offers a wide range of shops, pubs and restaurants – so if you’re looking to do a spot of shopping or you wish to flavour your taste buds with a good meal, Coventry will have you covered!

If you’re spending only a short time in the city, it may make sense to plan ahead, in order to time yourself well and avoid any possible disruptions to your itinerary.

We hope that our top 10 list inspires you to take advantage of what’s available in this culturally rich and fascinating city.

If the likes of the Coventry Cathedral or Escape Live! don’t do it for you, then Coventry has no shortage of options – the city’s your oyster!


Coventry FAQs:

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Coventry below:


What are the good places that we can visit in Coventry?

Coventry has a wide range of decent places to visit. I guess the next question is, what are your interests?

History – Have a wander around the Coventry Cathedral, St John the Baptist Church, the Holy Trinity Church or St Mary’s Guildhall. The city centre isn’t too far away from Coventry airport, so you can make a quick stop off in town if you have time before your flight.

Museums – If museums are your thing, then you have the British Motor Museum, the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, the Coventry Transport Museum or the Coventry Music Museum.

Walking – If you like a leisurely stroll, then you have parks such as the War Memorial Park or the Ryton Pools Country Park, or you can take a stroll across the Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve.

Experiences – Fun things to in Coventry include touring the Twisted Barrel Ale Brewery, and problem-solving your way out of the Escape Live! rooms, or for some tree-top adventure, experience Go Ape Coventry. You can even pop down to Fargo village for some lunch afterwards!

Nightlife – Shoot some pool or play some ping-pong at the vibrant Boom Battle Bar, or party the night away at the city’s hottest new venue Fomo, or the Skydome in Coventry City Centre.


What is Coventry city popular for?

Coventry is arguably most popular for Spon Street – an old industrial area and hub for textile industries, dating back as far as at least the 12th century.

It’s since become somewhat a tourist attraction and has been designated a Conservation Area by the local council.

The street is lined with timber-framed medieval buildings, with some housing shops, restaurants and pubs.


Was Coventry the capital of England?

Yes! On several occasions, Coventry was briefly the capital of England.

During their individual reigns as king, Henry IV, V and VI all sought loans from the city to help fight ongoing wars and rebellions.

On several occasions in the mid-15th century, parliament was moved from London to Coventry, and during the War of the Roses, the Royal Court was also temporarily moved from London to Coventry. This would all be reversed when Edward IV succeeded the throne in 1461.


Is Coventry worth visiting?

We certainly think so! Coventry is a city with a lot to offer, and is catered to suit people from all walks of life, with different ideas of what makes a great city.

Rated the UK’s official #1 culture city in 2021, Coventry is a city that must be doing something right. If you’re seeking history, culture, entertainment, and diversity, then Coventry is undeniably the go-to destination for a city centre staycation.


Is Coventry a party place?

Coventry is a nightlife heaven, with a number of local bars and night venues worth visiting, including the famous Kasbah nightclub and JJ’s.

The city of Coventry is also a uni town, with over 60,000 students enrolled at both Coventry University and the University at Warwick – so expect the local bars and clubs to get busy on the weekend!

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