Top 5 Tips To Get Out Of An Escape Room [From Actual Games Masters!]

Do you need some escape room tips? Are you about to embark on your first ever escape room experience? The thought of playing your first escape room could feel quite daunting; what should you expect? Don’t fret, we’re here to help. Our Games Masters have put together 5 top tips to get out of any escape room, prepare to feel prepared!


At Escape Live we have escape rooms ranging in levels of difficulty. If you’re unsure which room to play, make sure you ask for a recommendation from one of our Games Masters (they know better than anyone!). Browse here for our escape rooms in Birmingham, Liverpool, Stratford-upon-Avon, and Coventry.


can you escape the room?


Now, here are your top 5 clues to get out of an escape room:


1. “Don’t overcomplicate clues.” – Ellen, GM in Liverpool


This is one of our best escape room tips. Sometimes, the clue in your escape room really is as simple as it seems. If it seems like it makes sense, chances are you’re right. The customers that tend to overcomplicate more simple clues sometimes end up holding their team back, but don’t worry if this happens to you. Our GMs will always help nudge you along if it looks like it’s needed.


2. “Keep your clues organised.” – Mitchel, GM in Coventry


If it looks like a clue, keep it somewhere you won’t forget about it. Or put all of your clues together in one spot, so you’re organised. There will usually be somewhere within the room that you can accumulate all of your clues, like on top of a barrel, or a small desk. Keeping your clues there will give you a point for all the team to return to, once you’ve found all the clues and want to start solving the puzzles behind them.


3. “Listen carefully to any clues you’re given – if you didn’t ask for the help but you’re being given it, it’s because you need to hear it.” – Alis, GM in Birmingham


Sometimes, our GMs will see you struggling on one clue for a while, or looking in the wrong direction, or coming to the wrong conclusions about the puzzles in your room. Not to be too ‘Big Brother’-esque, but we are watching and want to help you! We don’t want to see you waste your 60 minute experience stuck on a clue, so we will give you an unrequested clue (*don’t worry, there are no time penalties for getting a clue!*).


These clues may not appear to be clues, but every time our GMs speak to your team in the room, listen carefully! Nothing we say to your team is out of the blue.


4. “In larger groups, split up!” – Mitchel, GM in Coventry


Another great escape room tip from Mitchel – split up! Thoroughly search the whole room for potential clues and items of interest. Check every corner, every nook, every cranny. Look inside drawers, paintings on the walls, items tucked inside objects… At Escape Live we have clues hidden all over our rooms, so make sure you keep an eye out during your experience.


Once you think you’ve scoped out the whole escape room, collate your findings in one place. Your teammates have likely found clues that help to make more sense of your own clues.


5. “Look for numbers in EVERYTHING, don’t take anything for granted… it’s there for a reason!” – Alis, GM in Birmingham


Numbers are really important to helping you figure out the puzzles in your escape room. Alis, one of our GMs in Birmingham, gives some great escape room advice with “don’t take anything for granted”. Remember, everything in your room is placed strategically. Even red herrings can be important clues, Mitchel says. 

The biggest piece of advice we can give to those of you going into your escape room is just relax and have fun! Enjoy the experience. If you want to know more about what you’re getting yourself into, have a read of our TripAdvisor here.


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