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Birmingham is one of England’s biggest cities. Being located in the West Midlands makes it a place that is easy to get to for a weekend city break or day trip. With its rich industrial heritage, Birmingham is now a must-visit destination to see some great architecture and learn more about the industrial revolution. It is also a haven for anyone who loves to shop. If you are planning a trip to Birmingham, here are some top things to see and do!

Try Your Hand at Fiendish Puzzles at Escape Live

Have you always wanted to go back in time, play detective for the day or wished to save your friends and colleagues from a near-death experience? If so, then Escape Live in Birmingham has a selection of mind-bending puzzles for you and your friends to unravel. For those who have nerves of steel, Amy is locked in Room 13 and her survival is in your hands. You are her only hope, will you save her life before time runs out? Dr Watson’s life is also at stake in Dr Watson’s Office; the only thing standing between him and death is finding out the identity of the person threatening his life. Are you up for the challenge?

Cadbury World

A dream destination for those with a sweet tooth, Cadbury world is where you can learn about the history of the brand, how chocolate is made and also have a go at making some yourself! Or, settle down for a 4D chocolate adventure, travel back to the Victorian times in Bull Street, meet Quaker John Cadbury and see how the story began. Complete your day out by visiting the biggest Cadbury chocolate shop in the world!

National Sea Life Centre

Get up close to some amazing freshwater and marine life at the National Sea Life Centre. See colourful fishes, shellfish and octopus, watch sea turtles, penguins or marvel at sharks swimming above you! Learn about the different habitats of sea life, enjoy talks and feeding times. This aquarium is more than just a place to see marine life, you can also find out more about conservation, breeding programs and research that is helping to protect it.

The Back to Back Houses

Step back in history with the Birmingham Back to Back Houses. Houses built literally back-to-back around a communal courtyard. Moving from the 1840s through to the 1970s, discover the lives of some of the former residents who crammed into these small houses to live and work. With fires alight in the grates, and sounds and smells from the past, experience an evocative and intimate insight into life at the Back to Backs.

Mini Golf

Want to prove yourself as the best putter amongst family and friends? You’re in luck. There are many mini golf attractions for you to prove yourself, from Ghetto Golf in Digbeth to Tree Top Adventure Golf in the Bullring itself. Keep your wits about you and conquer all the courses and obstacles in your way.

Birmingham is a thriving city that boasts some of the best attractions, restaurants and night spots, and if you visit you are sure to find lots of things to see and do. From industrial factories and waterways to ultra-modern buildings, the design of this city never ceases to amaze. Visit Birmingham for a great day out with friends and families.

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