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Pencilling in some time for your Christmas party is an incredibly important part of building a strong team and promoting a healthy workplace environment. Giving your employees the chance to let their hair down every once in a while is key to maintaining that all-too-important work-life balance, and encourages employees to get to know each other outside of their specific departments.

What is an escape room?

Though not the traditional pick for corporate parties, escape room events are becoming more and more sought after, especially since we built and opened the first virtual escape room experiences with live professional hosts.

But what exactly is an escape room? Essentially, you and your team are dumped into a room with 60 minutes on the clock to get yourself out. The room you choose to enter, however, will make your experience one to remember.

Do you prefer a thrill? Try our Room 13 or Jack the Ripper experiences (note: player discretion is advised). Want to enter the world of your favourite BBC show? Try one of our two official Peaky Blinders rooms. Fancy an even more immersive experience? Our brand new state-of-the-art Virtual Reality arena is perfect for VR gamers and newbies – enter a world like nothing you’ve seen before.

Now you know what an escape room is – we can’t give away too much on what is actually inside the rooms, we don’t want to spoil the surprise or anything… – why choose one for your corporate Christmas party?

Here are three reasons:

(1) It’s perfect for team building and bonding

Your teams will be forced to work together to solve multiple puzzles, mysteries and games in each of our rooms, encouraging good communication and critical thinking. Our rooms give space for your teams to decide who has the best communication skills, who’s best at listening, who is most perceptive, and who has the brains to solve the intricately connected puzzles.

Escape experiences bring out the best leadership in your teammates, but the best teams are always the ones who have all types of personalities.

As your teams spend quality time together solving each unique mystery, their bond will be built upon their escape of the room, a shared experience and one that was down to their great teamwork – bring out their competitive edge by incentivising the team who escapes quickest.

(2) We have a private lounge perfect for pre- or post-party meetings

Want to use this opportunity to get together with executives who perhaps haven’t been face-to-face since pre-pandemic times? Bring everyone together for a totally private, well-equipped meeting space with drinks, TV and a projector available for your use.

(3) Our licenced bar is perfect for celebrating your escape!

The best way to celebrate a win? Get a round in!

The best way to celebrate a loss? Get a round in!

Whether you’d like a boozy celebratory after-party or prefer soft drinks only, we are fully equipped to make sure your team members are taken care of post-game. We can provide food and drinks packages to suit the dietary requirements of your team and provide a stunning private bar area for your guests to enjoy – even a rooftop terrace at our Liverpool venue!

Take the stress out of booking multiple venues for your Christmas do this year and experience our 3-in-1 events package – check out our brochure here to find the perfect package for you and your team.

Do something different for your Christmas party this year – book an escape experience and give your team a day out they won’t forget. With a 100% COVID cancellation guarantee, we want to take the stress out of your event management. We promise that if for any reason we are unable to host your party in-person, we will host it through an online virtual party platform and deliver you the best party experience possible with live professional hosts and deliverable, letterbox cocktails.

Book with us today and we will gift every member of your team a FREE voucher for their return to one of our venues across the UK.

Fancy a slice of the fun? Contact us today to book the ultimate Christmas party for your team.

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