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One great thing that escapes rooms offer is bringing out the real side of people. When you are focusing on cracking codes and escaping the room your true self comes out and with it all your strengths and weaknesses. Are you good under pressure, can you communicate well, or do you get flustered and confused? You don’t want to get started on a project only to realise that your team is horrible at communication, or that no one is able to lead the team! Team building activities allow each member of the team to discover their own special and unique strengths and allows them to practice and utilize these strengths all while in a fun and safe environment. Team building activities also allow you to discover where your team may be lacking before it becomes an issue in their role. This may bring forward leaders within the team who naturally want to help. Escape rooms are perfect corporate team building activities as they get everyone on the team working together towards a common goal. If your team needs to improve any part of their role be it; communication, leadership, strategy building, delegation, capability under pressure, problem-solving, adapting to new environments and so on, an escape room will give them the opportunity to work out the kinks in a way that they will enjoy.


Any successful team will tell you that communication is key. From day to day tasks all the way through to big group campaigns, a great communication system is imperative to ensuring everything is done correctly. A lack of communication can lead to all sorts of problems such as things not getting done, things getting done multiple times, things getting lost and most problematic, it means a lot of time is getting wasted.

Our escape games will help your team develop vital communication skills in a high intensity but low stakes environment. Teams must work together not only to find the clues but also to figure out how they fit together to eventually unlock the mystery of the room and escape. Just like the problems listed before, communication will stop puzzles being missed, will ensure that everyone knows what codes have been used and what are left, will make sure everyone is on the same page and ultimately will ensure you escape quicker!

Ultimately, doing one of our escape rooms is a great way to discover how well (or poorly) your team communicates under pressure as well allowing ways to develop those skills.


In your everyday jobs a team shares, the outcome of any project, presentation, or competition. Sometimes you win big, and sometimes your ideas or proposal is rejected. Regardless of this, win or lose, you did the work together and will face the consequences as a team. This lesson is valuable to learn and internalize so each person can feel they contributed to the larger mission of the team. Making sure everyone know their work is important to the overall outcome is a key factor in motivating your team. Team building at escape rooms is an experience that can quickly and effectively help your team feel like a team. The immersive worlds in our escape rooms heighten the urgency of your challenge, and with the clock ticking down everyone must work together towards the final goal. Most importantly, either everyone escapes or no one does, together.


One of the most, if not THE most important parts of a successful team is the trust shared between them, and so likewise, the most important aspect of a team-building activity is the opportunity it affords your team to build that trust quickly. The age-old method of this is the standard trust fall. But will be performing trust falls really tell you if you will be able to work effectively and efficiently with each other? We here at Escape Live don’t think so. What you really need is proof that they contribute to projects or tasks big or small. Can you trust them to be capable and helpful? Can you trust them to be persistent and collaborative? These are questions you can’t answer with a simple trust fall but can be answered in one of our escape rooms. Once you’ve escaped the room with your team, you can rest assured that Bob and Jill from accounting can successfully tackle any project together. They worked so well together figuring out that weight-based puzzle, they will surely succeed on next weeks project. Let’s not forget Dave, he was great at encouraging the team and keeping everyone on task. He’ll have no trouble getting his team to follow his lead in the office.


Plato once said, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”. Don’t take his word for it, try it for yourself. The best way to get to know all the different aspects of your teammates is to see them in action! The different environments bring forward different challenges that need a varied set of skills to overcome. Seeing the same people in the same office every day may bring forward a certain routine of how you act and what is spoken about. That is why team building activities are so important, they push you out of your comfort zone and allow the team to react to a whole new set of challenges. Did you know Jimmy could speak Russian, or Alison was so good at balancing! Alex’s love of ancient Egypt came in handy when he recognised those symbols in the spaceship where hieroglyphics! That really helped speed up your ability to solve that puzzle. Regardless of who is shining and how you will definitely come out of your team building day out at our escape rooms with an all-new perspective on some of your team members.


Team building helps gather everyone outside the office, brings them closer and helps to create long-lasting memories for teammates to share that are not necessarily work-related. If your best memory you and your co-workers have is that one time someone left an entire pizza unattended in the break room, then you need to get out of the office more and have fun with your team. Of course, we are not saying you will all be best friends forever after a team-building experience at an escape game together, but we know one thing for sure, you will all have fun memories that you can look back on in stressful times. These memories have power. They will bring the team together and maybe even help set the tone for future team projects. When you’re all rushing to finish that project and tensions are really high, it helps to look back and remember that not only have you already worked together successfully, but you had fun doing it. After all, if you can escape prison together, surely you can complete your monthly budget report on time!

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