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Looking for things to do in Liverpool? There are a variety of things to do in Liverpool, including visiting cultural attractions, entertainment venues, and much much more! No matter what type of activity you’re looking for, Liverpool has it all.

There are a lot of places you can visit in Liverpool including the Liverpool waterfront, Liverpool empire theatre, river Mersey, and many more local and tourist favourites.

Why Visit Liverpool?

Liverpool is a city that has something to offer everyone of any age or background. The area surrounding the Royal Albert Dock is densely packed with hotels, stores, eateries, and museums, as well as venues for spectacular events.

The greater Liverpool city area is also brimming with wonderful group activities. So whether you’re travelling alone or in a group, you can find something to do!

Liverpool is a major tourist destination, not just because of its Chinatown, but also because of its cultural richness, which includes sport and music. The Beatles, as well as many other performers, are all from Liverpool. Explore the cities history, local hotspots, and tourist favourites to discover what Liverpool is all about!

Top Tourist Attractions to see in Liverpool

Whether you’re visiting with a friend or your family for a vacation or simply want to visit your home city, there are a plethora of sites to see and activities to do. There’s something for everyone here, from the most renowned metropolitan icons to eccentric hidden treasures and characteristically Scouse spots.

The following are the top places to see in Liverpool.


Liverpool has a dark history full of ghosts and ghouls! This amazing event lets you explore the scarier side of Liverpool with a tour of the famous streets and their history. Alongside that, you will experience a theatrical play that allows you to immerse yourself further and further into the history of Liverpool.

All year round you can experience this amazing interactive tour, you don’t have to worry it’s not just for Halloween! Turns out Liverpool’s ghosts are all year round!

Hope street

Hope Street in Liverpool doesn’t sound too exciting… a street? Everywhere has streets. However, not many boast as much history and architectural grandeur as Liverpool’s Hope Street.

On one end of the street lies the largest cathedral in England, the beautiful Anglican Cathedral, and you will also find the metropolitan cathedral on the same street. Two beautiful buildings with a rich history.

Along the street, you will also find a range of independent shops with some of Liverpool’s finest restaurants. There are lots to see and do along Hope Street which is why it is a favourite of many visitors.

River Mersey

You haven’t properly experienced Liverpool until you have crossed the famed River Mersey, which runs through the city. A Mersey tour is a fantastic way to experience the city of Liverpool from the water.

Anfield Stadium

We all know Liverpool is a football city, so what better place to visit than the 7th largest stadium in England, and the home of Liverpool F.C.! Anfield Stadium is a huge ground that is well worth visiting for any football fan.

For any football fanatic thinking of things to do in Liverpool, this one is for you.

Venture to Crosby Beach

Crosby beach is not only a beautiful beach but an incredible monument as well. In all, there are 100 cast iron figurines gazing towards the sea. There have been reports of locals dressing a few of the iron men in scarves and woollen hats, so keep an eye out for them.

You can watch many of the most beautiful sunsets at Crosby Beach in the Pacific Northwest. Even as sunlight seems to dissolve into the sea, the aperture towards the Sea provides unbroken views of the landscape. At all tides, tourists must keep 50 m of the beach and thus should avoid attempting to stroll out towards the farthest horizon figures.

Explore the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

The Royal Albert Dock is one of the most important tourist destinations in Liverpool.

You will be able to view modern and contemporary British art at the Tate Liverpool, which is located at the city’s waterfront. There are other coffee shops and cafés in the area to look at as well.

The Merseyside Museum, located in the region, will provide you with information on a variety of topics, including life at sea, the port of Liverpool, and relics from the Titanic. There are tales of individuals who were slaves that have gone unreported, as well as more historical accounts of slavery.

Furthermore, there is the award-winning Beatles museum, which allows you to learn everything about the four individuals that changed the world.

In terms of food options, there are an overwhelming number of options to pick from in the area. The Nest is among Liverpool’s best-kept secrets when it comes to finding a Royal Albert Dock souvenir. The shop celebrates the efforts of different local artists and designers while offering a diverse selection of items. Visitors may also stop by Liverpool Photographs as well as Pride of Liverpool to pick up a keepsake of their trip, and those with a sweet taste may stop by Quay Confectionery or Roly’s Fudge for a delicious treat.

There are a variety of activities taking place in the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool throughout the year, including pop-up football matches, musical performances, as well as water displays. Shopping enthusiasts will find a diverse selection of independent boutiques, most of which provide beautiful mementoes and presents

Go Underground with the Williamson Tunnels

During the Friends of Williamson Tunnels trip, you will be taken on a journey through a maze of tunnels as well as subterranean caverns underneath the city. The Williamson Tunnels are a sequence of huge underground tunnels in the Edge Hill neighbourhood of Liverpool.

The reason for the structures is still unknown, and it is still the subject of much debate; some theories including commercial quarrying, a charitable wish to give jobs, and Williamson’s individual peculiar tastes, among other possibilities.

Visit the World Famous St George’s Hall

A place of assembly and celebrating, St George’s Hall is situated in the centre of Liverpool. It is a central site that provides a genuine feeling of the city while being surrounded by outstanding elements of history. Originally built to serve as a major centre for concerts and festival events, this has since remained at the heart of Liverpool’s cultural accomplishments.

The building was reopened on St George’s Day in 2007 after a £23 million renovation. It has taken several years for the building to reclaim its previous splendour as an unrivalled venue for global events. Hence, it has returned to being one of the city’s most renowned monuments to visit.

The Hall organises a vast scope of free and paid public meetings and exhibits throughout the year, ranging from a diverse range of informative, in-depth tour guides to popular arts and music performances, among other things.

The interior design is a representation of the showy exhibition that Victorian Liverpool was known for, with a roof sustained by large red granite pillars with statues depicting artistry, sciences, courage, as well as justice mostly on walls and ceiling. Looking deeper into the Hall reveals some of the world’s most impressive brick vaults, as well as a magnificent Minton tiled floor with more than thirty thousand mosaic tiles. These have also shown on multiple occasions since the building’s reopening in 2003.

As a shooting setting, St George’s Hall has featured in several high-profile projects, including Peeky Blinders and Fantastic Beasts.

Explore the oldest Chinese Community in Europe

Aside from the port itself, there is also another incentive to visit Liverpool and it is conveniently located right in the midst of the action: Chinatown. Although it is not exceptionally large geographically, Chinatown in Liverpool is notable for one particular feature: it is the site of the earliest Chinese population in Europe.

In addition, it is an excellent location for immersing oneself in a multi-cultural atmosphere. Liverpool’s Chinatown offers tourists a sense of Chinese culture in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Because of its outstanding structure, like the renowned arch, it’s an excellent place to take some pictures and try some amazing food.

Escape Live

If you fancy an activity that’s ideal for a group, Liverpool offers a lot of Escape Rooms perfect for friends and family to try together. With a range of exciting, award-winning rooms for you to try, Escape Live is a great adventure.

Try the TWO official Peaky Blinders experiences, The Raid and Double Cross, a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality arena, the scariest escape experience yet Jack The Ripper or solve a mystery in the Dr Watson room.

At Escape Live, you can throw yourself into a ton of different scenarios as you work together with your friends to solve the mystery, escape the room, or save the world! When you want to escape (no pun intended) the busy streets of Liverpool, then being locked away with some friends for an hour might just be the refuge you never knew you needed!

So try an escape game in Liverpool for a fun group activity.

Experience one of the UK most famous music venues at The Cavern Club

The Cavern Club is widely regarded as the birthplace of British pop songs, as well as the location in which the Beatles’ musical style was originally established. Today, the Cavern is a flourishing music venue that is also a very popular tourist destination. Witness for yourself the captivating ambience of this iconic theatre with the still active live music which operates there.

The Beatles have nearly seven decades of musical experience, with their first performance transpiring in 1961, the Cavern Club acts as the birthplace of one of Britain’s biggest bands.

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See some of the most beautiful art at Tate Liverpool

This city is no newcomer to adopting and appreciating one-of-a-kind and spectacular works of art. In addition to the broad array of art galleries and museums that can be found in this city, everywhere you walk, you will almost certainly come across magnificent street art, funny artworks, and famous monuments – In addition to established artwork, the organizers produce thematic outdoor exhibits on a constant schedule.

As for a further art exhibition, you can’t miss the Liverpool Biennial, which is taking place right now! From 1999, Liverpool has played home to the largest global modern art exhibition in the U.K., which takes place every 2 years. The event is always about showcasing artworks as well as initiatives by established and up-and-coming artists alike.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

It is impossible to explore Liverpool and not make a trip to the magnificent Metropolitan Cathedral. This majestic emblem of religion, construction, as well as human achievement is a work of art that is breath-taking in both size and design.

Admire the magnificent interiors of the Liverpool Cathedral, including contemporary pieces of art and spectacular architectural elements including the dramatic Lantern Tower, which contains the greatest area of coloured glass in the world. Liverpool Cathedral has a broad calendar of outstanding music performances, exhibits, as well as big occasions in addition to its everyday Masses and Services, which may be found on its website.

The beautiful Lutyens Crypt as well as Treasury, which is housed inside the Cathedral, deserves particular mention. As a standalone architectural masterpiece, the Crypt is among the most famous achievements in this area by the prominent British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, and it also serves as a museum. The Crypt, which was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens in the twentieth century, provides a compelling insight into what could’ve been in the cathedral had it been finished.

Explore Liverpool City Centre

If all else fails and nothing seems to take your fancy then Liverpool city centre will most likely have something you’re interested in. A great shopping district with vintage clothing stores, great restaurants, and much much more for all the family.

When you visit Liverpool and are looking for things to do in Liverpool, the city is always the best place to start.

Visit Radio City Tower

It has been in operation since 1969. Radio City Tower is an observation area in Liverpool that provides panoramic views of the city. Additionally, the radio city tower is the second tallest building in the city of Liverpool, and it is ranked as the 32nd tallest building in the entire United Kingdom. It is around 400 feet tall and provides a 360-degree perspective of the area surrounding the North Walls, Merseyside, and the Cumbrian side.

The visit to the radio tower, also known as the St John beacon, is free and does not have a time restriction. Furthermore, there are a number of eateries in the neighbouring region, as well as the St Johns shopping mall. With spectacular views, it is a well-kept tourist attraction with excellent organisation.

Walk around Sefton Park

Sefton Park is one of the best places for a Liverpool sightseeing tour. This is one of the most beautiful spots in Liverpool, and the townspeople like it as much as anybody else. Sefton Park is also classified as a grade 1 park, and it has nicely constructed landscapes that give it a more natural appearance. There are various different walkways and drives in the park.

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Discover the Beatles Story

Where else can you learn the entire history of one of the biggest bands of all time, that’s right Liverpool is the home of the beetles and the place to be for any fan of the iconic British band.

This is the most comprehensive history of the band and it’s presented in a fun and engaging way. Follow the band right through their timeline as you learn the definite history of the band.

Wander down the world-famous Penny Lane

Penny Lane, a pretty average suburbia retail strip in the eastern area of Mossley Hill, seems to have become globally renowned as a result of the Beatles song title, which was written on the street. The song, which was performed at St Barnabas Church on the same street. this area has several of the landmarks mentioned in the song’s lyrics, such as a bus station, a barbershop, as well as a fire station, among others. As a result of the frequent theft of street signs displaying the renowned name, the city started to paint the street names on the structures rather than on the roadway.

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